Stonyfield Tip of the Month: Eat healthy while traveling


With proper planning, a trip does not have to derail your healthy eating plan.
Whether you are headed to your annual tournament or to visit the in-laws for the holidays, travel can wreak havoc on your nutrition plan. Unfortunately, highway rest stops and airports are not known for their healthful selections and finding reliable nourishing food options in new places can be challenging. However, with proper planning, a trip doesn’t have to derail your healthy eating plan. The tips below can help you stay on track when you travel.
1. Eat before you go. Before you head out the door, take advantage of the healthful food you have at home. Set aside a little extra time to prepare yourself a substantial meal before you leave—no matter what time of day. This will stave off hunger for several hours and help you avoid settling for unhealthful food options you did not want in the first place.
2. Pack healthful snacks. It’s inevitable; you are going to get hungry during your trip, so plan accordingly. Pack several snacks to steer clear of a regrettable trip to the vending machine. Bring a few choices along so you have something that seems appealing on-hand no matter what your mood. And be sure to mix in some good fat and protein to help maximize your satiation. Some healthful and portable snack options include granola, fresh fruit with peanut butter, sliced vegetables and hummus, bite-sized sandwich squares, mixed nuts, and whole grain crackers with mashed avocado.
3. Do your homework. More often than not, the most convenient food options on the road are not the most healthful. But with a little pre-planning you can find good choices. Though it may take you a little off the beaten path, the exploration may add some unexpected fun and adventure to your trip. Try this Eat Well Everywhere guide to help you find local, sustainable, and organic options anywhere you travel.
4. Drink lots of water. We often eat out of boredom, especially on long trips. One trick to help you avoid unconsciously consuming hundreds of unwanted calories is to keep a bottle of water on hand. Before you start to snack, take a few sips of water. You may find that is all you need. Not only will this help you to keep your calories in check, it will also help keep you hydrated, too.
5. Be flexible. No matter how much pre-planning you do, you are likely going to make some concessions. Make your best effort to stick to your healthy eating rules, but don’t stress out too much if you’re forced to eat something less healthful than you’d choose at home.
*Final note: if you are traveling to a tournament, be sure to pack exactly what you need to fuel yourself before, during, and after your match. There are no guarantees you will find your tried-and-true fuels on your travels.
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